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Baron Fountain Pen

Stabilized elm wood burl with pink dye with chrome hardware.

Blue with Gold Trim Fountain Pen

A custom order fountain pen with gold plating. Main body hand made with black and blue acrylic.

Stabilized Wood Baron Fountain Pen

With a custom cherry wood business card and pen holder for one's desk top. Custom UV printing of customer's name on this pen was done.

Pens in the work

New Twist Pens.

Canadiana Fountain Pen

Canadiana Fountain Pen.

Butterfly Pen

A unique acrylic pen made from material donated by a supplier.

Majestic Fountain Pen

A pen unique pen made for a Christmas order.

Twist Pen

Silver plated red wood pen made as a gift.

Dart Set

Dart Sets.

Baron Fountain Pen

Gold plated fountain pen made from marble looking acrylic

Tiger Fountain Pen

Tiger Fountain Pen up close.

A Lady's Pen

Red passion stone with red and gold veins given to a real estate agent.

Men's Shaving Razors and Stands

Men's Shaving razors and stands with Gillette Mach 5 heads

Girlfriend's Bottle Open

A cute bottle open with a cork twist hidden inside

Emperor Fountain Pen

Emperor Fountain Pen. A Gorgeous green stabilized wood fountain pen with gold and silver hardware.

Superpunch Catus Pen

Superpunch Catus Pen. Made for a customer in Poland.

Baron Fountain Pen

Baron Fountain Pen made from curly maple wood and copper plated hardware.

The Great Gatsby Fountain Pen

The Great Gatsby Fountain Pen.

Studio Maker's Light Pen

Ash wood pen flash light with pill batteries.

Twist Pen

Made from white wood and chrome hardware.

Baron Fountain Pen

Silver plated fountain pen made from red wood.

Sierra Twist Pen

Made from man made metals.

Baron Fountain Pen

Made from stabilized maple wood.

Diablo Twist Pen

Checkered acrylic with silver hardware.

Baron Rollerball Pen

Checkered acrylic with silver hardware.

Pine Cone Twist Pen

Gun metal hardware made from pine cones infused with acrylic.

Canadiana Rollerball Pen

Exotic rollerball pen that writes super smooth.

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