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Your Cheese Board, Charcuterie Board and/or serving purchased from Creations By Daniel will typically include these parts: a wooden body either made from a solid piece or laminated pieces of wood and finished with food safe Monocoat Oil or Hemp Oil with Bees Wax. Some boards will also include wood burned with Electricity AKA Lichtenberg figures. Other features may include hand carved handles, hardware handles, and/or wooden feet.




If you need help or have a question; please contact me.


If you looking for board butter, oils and etc. please check out my store OR your local suppliers such as:

Oil - Mettrum Originals

Wax & Oil - Wood Chuckers

Wax - Lee Valley

For helpful tips and want to learn more:


Types of Finishes

Wood Safer than Plastic Study


To maintain your Charcuterie Board please read the following recommended instructions:


  • To preserve the surface quality - avoid cutting directly on your boards or at least avoid serrated  knives. The only way to remove cut marks would be sanding. For tips, please contact me.  

  • Avoid storing wet foods such as jams and similar directly on the wood to avoid stains - meats, cheese and etc. will not stain the wood. Avoid storing boards in direct sunlight, the wood can get darker.

  • Do not was your new board in a dish washer, the wood will be at risk of warping, splitting and/or cracking. Hand washing only.

  • To hand wash, use a wet/warm cloth and wipe free. Light or natural soaps are best to use. If dish soap is used, it recommended that the board be oiled again as the dish soap is intended to break down oils. Professional chefs do not wash their boards with soaps and re-oil the board after every use as method of cleaning.

  • Managing cracking risks. If the board is washed and not dried right away your board is at risk of warping or cracking/splitting, especially if not oiled frequently - the combination increases the risk. Wipe your board (damp is OK) after oiling or washing, and hang/store to dry.warping, splitting and/or

  • Cleaning lichtenberg figures - the best is an old tooth brush and elbow grease. Warning, you may run into traces of soot remnants.

  • The recommended finish is Mettrum Originals Hemp OilWood will hold the smell of the oils. Other oils such as olive oil can be used but your board will smell like the oil over time after re-applications. Hemp oil smells like wood, is very affordable compared to other brand names oils, and best of all this product is locally made here in Springwater Ontario!

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